Ample admin is a popular open source WebApp template for admin dashboards and control panels. Ample is fully responsive HTML template, which is based on the CSS framework Bootstrap 4. It utilizes all of the Bootstrap components in its design and re-styles many commonly used plugins to create a consistent design that can be used as a user interface for backend applications. Ample is based on a modular design, which allows it to be easily customized and built upon. This documentation will guide you through installing the template and exploring the various components that are bundled with the template.

We put a lot of love and effort to make Ample Admin a useful template for everyone and now It comes with 7 unique demos. We are keen to release continuous long term updates and lots of new features will be coming soon in the future releases. Once you purchased Ample Admin, you will be entitled to free download of all future updates for the same license.


  • Includes:
  • Answering your questions or problems regarding the template.
  • Giving solution to the Bugs reported.
  • Does Not Includes:
  • Custmaization Work
  • Any Installation Work
  • Support for any Third Party Plugins / Software
  • Support or Guide for How to integrate with any technologies (like, PHP, .net, Java etc)
  • Solve bug in your implemented template


After purchasing our template extract the zip file and you will see this structure.

                                            ├── Ample Admin                                                                                   
						├── docs
						├── landingpage
						└── src
						    │   ├── assets/
						    │   │   └── images
						    │   │   └── libs
						    │   ├── dist/
						    |   |   └── css
						    │   │   └── js
						    │   ├── html/
						    │   │   └── html pages
						    │   ├── scss/
						    │   │   └── bootstrap/
						    │   │   └── config/
						    │   │   └── custom/
						    │   │   └── icons/
						    │   │   └── style.scss
						    │   │   └── style-dark.scss
						    │   ├── gulpfile.js
						    │   ├── package.json
						    │   ├── package-lock.json
						    |   └── .gitignore


Third Party Plugins (Credits)



  • We have used our name and brand as credit in CSS / Js we have created, you need to change / remove that if you want while using in your personal or client projects.
  • You will find name and brand of each third-party tools we have used, as credit in their respective css / js, you can remove or change as per your need.
  • We have used third-party tools / plugins in our templates, you will find links from left navigation (menu) as Third Party Tools and you can find their documentation from their respective websites link we have given.
  • We do not offer support on any third-party plugins / tools we have used.
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